TRIQER-S17 SPORTS SHOES. (Grey & Yellow)

TRIQER-S17 SPORTS SHOES. (Grey & Yellow)

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Gentle on feet and joints with good grip with power cushion, ergoshape and hexagrip technologies, power cushion technology is a lightweight shock-absorbing material that gives comfort Power cushion: Absorbs shock and reverses impact energy, smooth energy transfer into next movement, 3 times more shock absorption than Urethane, Ergoshape: Removes pressure and provides a comfortable fit around the toes, centre of gravity is shifted to the large toe (where most power is concentrated) for a painless fit that offers more speed in your step, Hexagrip: For agile and stable footwork, the hexagrip pattern 3 percent more grip and is 20 percent lighter than standard sole material Gentle on feet and joints with good grip.
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